Empower: women . freedom . diversity . creativity  |  Inspire: individuality . self assurence . independence . meaningful connections  |  Mind: recreate . sustainability . upcycling   |  Play with: seduction . colors . ludic and exotic universes . vintage and contemporary atmospheres . coolhunting . travel adventures

stories of people and the connections they make told through the objects we create


Elisa is a brazilian born and Milan based artist and designer. Worked behind the scene at some of Italy's most respected fashion houses such as Prada and Versace.

Graduated in fashion design at Instituto Marangoni in 2012.

After ten years in fashion and a whole life of eccentricity passing trough her head she decided to express her ideas into jewelry. Her aesthetic: boldness.

“I want to create unique pieces for unique people, inspired in nature, curved lines and women sensuality, pass far by perfection and shoot for the beauty in individuality".

Both art movements were reactions tho major world events. Art Nouveau was a result of Industrial Revolution, while Art Deco responded to World War I.

Artists embraced those aesthetics wholeheartedly, creating paintings, buildings, jewelry, and other works. Those styles featured naturalistic elements combined with geometrical form presenting themselfs in a stylized shape. Curved lines are a defining characteristic of Art Nouveau, as artists tried to capture shapes found in nature and combine them with arcs, parabolas, and other circular architectural forms.

Art Deco emerged during the Jazz Age playing with opulent and extravagant styles. It also utilizes curves and natural elements, but sharpe, jagged edges and bold designs like sunbursts and zig zags were more common. Any natural elements in Art Deco tended to be graphic or textual.


On a basis of shared ideas and ideals, 20th century artists strived after a homogenous style that would find expression not in uniformity but in variety. Despite all the inconsistencies, a unifid framework does show throught the many variations just as the brand itself, that aims to put in vogue the beauty of divergent points of view converging to the same goal which is to raise the individuality.